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EHA - strange values 260E

I have tried to measure the EHA with a multimeter: 1990 - 260E

With ignition on: 18,1 mA
fuel-cutoff: ca -60mA

But the values with engine idling or when I'm driving are strange.

Sometimes the values fluctates around zero, but most often the value start to count up to 12,6 mA and stops. Never above this value (exept for fast accelleration etc.). After it has reached this value, it is constant (almost).
Sometimes (but not so often as the case above), it starts count in the oposite direction down to -9,5 mA

Even if I get these values, the engine is running as normal.

The reason I tested this is because I have noticed that the engine hesitates after I have interrupted a full accelleration. Almost nothing happens when I push the throttle. If I don't interrupt the accelleration, the engine works as normal.

I hope someone out there has an answer to me.

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