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'91 560 sel misses when warmed up

I have read through quite a few posts here that refer to a "miss" or "rough idle" when the engine has reached operating temperature. I have the same problem!!! Most of the cars listed here are 190s and 300s it would seem, but the symptoms are exactly the same. I did have the symptom of the high idle and ABS light as well, but that went away with the replacement of the overload relay.

The idle problem makes it seem as though the engine were going to jump out of its mountings. At lower speeds, the jump diminishes, and the engine seems to lose power intermittently, although there is no jump to it as there is at idle. It dies every now and then, although that seems to happen mostly at night, and after that, its back to the low-speed, missing ride home.

This problem is REALLY frustrating. I have taken the car to the neighborhood mechanic a few times, but it always runs well when they try it. They conjecture that it might be:

the ignition coil....

There have been many responses and many different suggestions to this problem, but symptoms of the problem are so specific (any of you afflicted know) that it would seem logical to assume that the problem has a common resolution. My 560 has 265k miles on it, and only started acting up in the last few months.

Whoever knows what the problem is, please, please, please respond...
We all love our cars, but we don't love this problem. I just keep wishing it would break for good!
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