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73 280C carb replacement with Weber!!!

All right, guys, after over a year of reading and reading and reading on this forum regarding the dreaded Solex 4A1 carb on my 280C, I finally decided that the best thing to do is to replace it with a new Weber 38 DGAS. They are running about $500 retail, I found one guy who sells them via the web for $350 (but he actually specializes in Toyota Landcruisers, so I shied away from him due to support issues). I kept looking on eBay for a used one, and what do you know, one finally came up. Luckily it was posted kinda strange (just the carb number and the posting didn't mention it came from a Mercedes) so no one else saw it. I got it for the opening (and "buy it now") price of $199.95 so I'm pretty happy. The P.O. said it was running perfectly but the car was in a wreck. So with any luck, I can just bolt it right on and run.

So a couple of questions...
Should I go ahead and buy an overhaul kit, just in case? I've never touched a carb (other than the very simple one on my moped) so I'm a little intimidated by them. I understand the Weber is much simpler than the Solex (which makes you wonder why MB didn't just use the Weber in the first place!) but still... any advice would be appreciated. Anything else I should be careful about in doing the swap? If anyone on this forum has made this specific swap, I'd sure appreciate hearing about it.

Thanks in advance to all -- I know you'll give me great guidance and advice.

Portland, OR
73 280C
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