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190e idle to high

First thing I tried was to check the electronic piece that the throttle linkage stops on when the accelerator isnt pressed. I checked it with a volt meter and when I would press the little button in it would make the circuit complete. Not sure if that is the way you check it but it seemed logical. Then I made sure the linkage wasnt binding and would go all the way down. Then I checked for vacum leaks, loose and disconnected wires, blown fuses etc.. Then I checked the relay that has the regular red fuse in the top, it was fine. Also loosened the throttle cable up to make sure it wasnt holding the throttle open any. I think that was about it may have forgotten something its been a long week. Im sure they have a check valve in the power booster line for a reason but was wondering if that is whats causing my idle to be high. Im going to get a new booster line asap but if its causing my problem then atleast I can quit trying to fix it looking at everything else. Thanks for any help
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