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#$%^#$%@^*%$! *a rant*

So being the poor college student that I am, I don't have a lot of money to throw into my 300e. After saving up and setting money aside I finally had enough money to buy a set of euro lamps and clear corners for my car. Now mind you this are not the standard euro's, but the black smoked ones (same goes for the corners). I buy them from a lady in germany via ebay, she ships them UPS Express so it would recieve it in 2 days from her place in germany. Come to today....package is said to have been dropped off at my house. I go UPS 5 different times to finally get someone to tell me that it was infact delievered to my house, and the driver had left it on at the front door...


I am freak'n pissed right now.

So I get the joy of having a tracer done, then when they can't find the package, a claim has to be filled, then I have to wait for the shipper to get credited the money, so I can get my lamps sent to me again....

I hate ups
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