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yes, it is not a funny future.

i think that if you buy a new car, it may be equipped with a chip that will monitor your driving - where you go, when, and at what speeds. there is a movement now in state legislatures to fit such chips that will be readable from satellites or police vehicles[from afar, in other words].

once the tyrannists become affectionate with this level of monitoring, i think that you will find that older vehicles[pre-chip] either become outlawed or become required to have such monitoring equipment fitted.

the way i view the future in this forthcoming ussr is that annually, when your car is safety inspected, that chip will be read. instances of speed over the maximum speed limits will be noted and you will be fined for all those unpoliced "crimes".

the state is going to criminalize us no matter what. that is what they want, subservience or tenants for their gulags.

so, sell your old benz speedsters now while the sheep are still ignorant of what is to be the future. check out the honda and toyota hybrids. that is the future. buy them while they are still subsidized and cheap.

or, move to another country that is less interested in statism. there are a few. but very few.

seig heil
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