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Some common sense...?

I get lots of e-mails from W202 C-Class owners, especially those that have just bought their car. The number #1 question is:

"I just bought a 19xx C2xx with x-miles on it. I'm taking it in for an inspection, what should I make sure they look at?"

What's wrong with this question? I thought by now all that consumer information would be sinking in. People still don't seem to know to have the car inspected BEFORE buying it.


"What does the little wrench mean?" And it's variant "what does this warning light mean?" or "how do I turn the air conditioning on...?"

Most of the questions that people ask are easily answered in the owner's manual. If the car did not come with one, then buy one.

I also get lots of questions regarding when to service the car next. Then I goof and ask about the service history. It would seem that most people buy their cars without a service history. And do they negotitate a lower price for that? No. "But the car's paint was REALLY shiny, so it must have been cared for, right?"


Sorry about the rant, but my in-box was full this morning of a long list of the above...
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