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190E 2.6 Climate Control

Hi All,
I am trying to get my CC fully operational again and I'd like some help.

So far I have replaced every single vacuum module (for flaps operation etc.)

I have replaced the original dual switchover valve set-up with the new single unit from MB.

I have replaced the original pushbutton unit with a rebuilt.

I have replaced the potentiometer on top of the heater box with a new one from MB.

I have bought one of the 12V Leds to use as a tester.

Right now the car has the dash completely stripped out for access to all the components (the instrument cluster is connected so I can see whats going on).

What happens now is that the defroster nozzles won't close on any setting. I can get heat, but only full heat. I can get a/c any time I want.

I can operate all of the vacuum units fully with a mity-vac. All of them will hold a vacuum indefinitely.

I know that I can connect the LED to the connectors on the PB unit to get a code readout but am unsure about how to do that. Can anyone help. At this stage I have large amounts of $$ in parts and so would really really like to succeed in getting this going.

Any results will be posted here so that future members can get it from the archives!

Thanks in advance.

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