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Wanting An SL

I own a 58 220S and an 83 300D. My next MB is going to be an SL. I need to decide which flavor of older SL to concentrate my efforts on for the search. I'm sure this has been hashed out a lot here before. I'm mainly interested in the 280 thru 450 series I think. I want to be careful to avoid any particular years where MB was having difficulties with emission stuff (early 70's?). As I get closer to deciding which model to go after, I'll come back and agrevate the crap out of everybody with questions about how to figure out if I'm looking at a good car or not. It is very possible I'd go way old, say mid-late 60's. I would actually prefer a six cyl car in that I know how to care for them a bit. Anyway, hope to be an advise sharing member by next spring.

Thanks Much.
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