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Starting to see your point Chuck

Greetings All,

Glad to see there is a lot of great responses to this most common problem we all share. I've been keeping track of all the items I need to replace that might or might not fix the problem. I thought I'd see what the cost is if I had to continue on the replacement type of troubleshooting and here's how it seems to break down thus far. I'd be interested to know which parts if any that any of you all have changed on the list that seemed to make the difference and the order that you replaced them.

1. ignition wires $128
2. cap & rotor $101
3. ignition coil $118
4. reference sensor $105
5. water temp sensor $ 21
6. idle control valve $168
7. fuel pressure reg. $224
8. fuel inj complete $174
9. flow meter $462
10. fuel distributor $1314
11. overload relay $ 60

Total $2875
If you stopped short of
fuel distributor $1561

Question is, what do we start replacing first and what is your spending limit to find the cause to this problem. I realize that it could possibly be any of these items individually without further expense. For those that have found one of these items or maybe a different item to be the sole source to their problem, please post it here.


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