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How to Adjust New Belt Tensioner?

Greetings once again,

I just replaced the serpentine belt and the tensioner on my '86 300E. My old tensioner had a foil label with an adjustment scale with hash marks on it. It was supposed to be adjusted to the 7th mark on a car with A/C. The new one is pictured below.

Do I adjust the tension so the indicator points to the peak of the ramp, or to the last raised bar? My car has A/C if it makes a difference (I haven't seen one that doesn't yet)

The width of the scale is a lot shorter on the new one also. Do I still start with the indicator at the first raised bar ? (just visible at the bottom of the adj. ramp)

BTW, is there a way to include 2 separate pictures in a post, or does anyone know an easy way I can combine them in one image?


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