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Engine mounts are easy, use a floor jack and a board to raise the engine. 6mm or so hex socket bolt underneath (be careful not to drop the bolt into the hole in the frame there, it's a pain to get back out...), 19mm on top. Left side is a bit of a pain, you will need to jack the engine some to get to the top bolt.

Suspension bushings are a different story. Front control arm requires removal, and that means a good internal spring compressor, you cannot use an external one. Rear suspention links do not have replacable bushings, they are steel sleeves vulcanzied in place, you must replace the links. Not too diffucult, but a PITA due to limited access. Get a new bolt kit and new sleeve kit for each link, the new ones don't always use the old bolts (they are from teh 210 chassis and last longer).

You will need to jack the rear and put it on jack stands for the rear links. Do a search, this subject has been discussed at length before.

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