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since i left this post (low power) i disconnected the ecu while i was installing new injectors, swapped the vac lines that connect to the throttle body( some models connect opposite). intake manifold vac dropped to green(18 in hg) and more power than i have ever had! bad news! after driving about 5 miles engine bogged down and had to lean out mixture. then it ran really good. until the next morning, when i had to turn the mixture 2 turns clockwise to get it to start. let it warm up, drove 5 miles then had to start the procedure all over again. with engine warm i grounded o2 sensor male connector. from female to ground measures 350 to 550 mv. eha current is .35 mv without o2 sensor, 10mv with. duty cycle 6.93v without o2 sensor, climbs to 11.2v with o2 sensor. if i try to adjust it stays at 11.2v then suddenly starts dropping and stops at 2.66v. back the other way it goes to 11.2 v even when turning VERY slowly. there is no middle ground.sorry for the long post. any ideas?
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