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Thanks, Mark. I should have mentioned that I got the whole KIT, not just the carb in the auction. I think I got a steal. I was referred to a source for a rebuild it. You can find him on eBay as "Carbdoc". He has the rebuit kit for $19.00 plus $5.00 shipping and IT INCLUDES THE POWER VALVE and the accelerator pump diaphragm. I'm going to go ahead and rebuild it, just in case. I've studied the schematic I found on the RedLine Weber web site and it just doesn't look that bad. I've never seen an exploded view of the Solex, and if the Weber is "simple" I'd hate to see the Solex' complexity!

Thanks again for the advice. I'll post the outcome later on. I'm probably not going to do the work until mid-October, though, because I'm buying a friend's Mazda as my daily driver then so I won't need to finish the rebuild and installation in one day. Just in case!

73 280C
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