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What I am saying is that I got the bolt out in 20 minutes using this technique. It did not break, but had I not chilled it, I probably would have broken it and had to drill it out. So I saved myself a ton of time.

There are many factors that go into this. Don't forget that as you remove the bolt, once it has unfrozen, the tension is actually released. The idea is to nudge it to the point so it actually turns.

I never re-use a bolt that has given me trouble, for many reasons (even if the head seems ok after pulling it).

Now - for the final issue on the aircraft thing, and so we can lay it to rest - I am sure that the pressurized fuselage of the Cessna 340a I flew last month has aluminium bolts (and rivets) that expand and contract at the same rate as the skin itself while climbing to 30,000 feet and going through the pressurization cycle. I am also sure that the PROPS are NOT held in place by aluminum bolts....
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