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Update.....Situation Solved (for me).....

The car has been in the dealer's shop since my last post. It is still not running, no one... the dealer, MB Canada, and whomever else they have contacted, has been able to solve the problem.

I had a discussion with the dealership GM and suggested that "if MB Canada and his dealership" were comfortable with the state of affairs regarding their combined ability to repair their flagship car.............

The dealer purchased both of the 600s from us. We felt that if they can't fix the one car, they probably can't fix the other.

The dealer was doing "damage control" regarding his reputation.

We are exceedingly disappointed regarding the apparent inability of the dealership and MB Canada, and their associated tech support groups, to repair what was once considered one of the world's finest cars.

In any case, thanks for the help and support in the past, and we wish all members the best.

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