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climate control for 1987 mercedes benz 190e 2.6

We replaced the Evaporator and suction hose assembly. The evaporator had a leak and the suction hose was ruptured. However, when we tried to charge the system, the compressor will not come on unless the controls are bypassed. As you can tell, the compressor works.

The blower stays on at all times once the ignition switch is in the on position. Even when the "0" on the blower control is in the depressed position. In fact, none of the blower control buttons works. For instance, the air is not diverted to the windshield when the defroster button on the blower control is in the on position. The heat also comes on and remains on high even though the temperature control is on minimum.

The orange A/C resister on the chassis near the engine on the driver's side, the one with "BERU" on the bracket; has failed. Unfortunately, would could not find the value for this resister. However, we replaced it with another A/C resister with a value of 1.5 ohms.

It would appear that the cause for the malfunction could be what looks like a pair of electronic controls located near the fire wall inside the engine compartment, near the resister block on the passenger side. Your immediate help is appreciated.

Please note also that this car is in Belize, Central America. Thank you.

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