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Yes, it can repaired.

The reason it does it is because of heat and the material is shrinking from age. The material will continue to shrink but this is how I have done this repair-

-You need to remove the door panel. Once off you'll see clearly why and how the surface is lifting off of the door panel itself.

-Under the material is a little bit of foam backing. If the foam is removed you get a much better attachment but the edge after attaching will be bumpy so if you can leave the foam. Use a warm (not too hot) hair dryer and slowly and gently and evenly stretch the material. Do just a little at a time. Don't over stretch, just a little to bring the material down a little to where it once was.

-Choose a glue that does NOT dry hard. 3M Auto Interior adhesive in the tube is good. Get fresh stuff. Follow the directions. Attach the lifting part to the existing part. Use a good amount of hand force to smooth all of the new contact areas.

-Remember that the stretching above can lead to excess material so try the fit first.

-Before reattaching the door panel do two things: 1) Clean the panel's upper surface and use a good UV protectant. 2) spray a little silicone in the black rubber channel that holds the panel close to the window at the top and spread a little along the edge where the repair was made. This will aid in reserting the repaired panel into the channel and reduce the chance of the repair being torn off again.

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