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Door panel removal on W124:

Remove lock button and trim around latch on rear edge of door. On front doors remove the triangular trim at the front bottom corner. The top clip usually breaks off, most places use some adhesive to replace the trim rather than a new trim piece. On the driver's side, you can leave the mirror handle on if you want, just turn the trim sideways.

Pull off the seat control buttons (front door). Pry rear section of black trim off at the top of the arm rest, then front section. Start at the bottom.

Push plastic "carrier" for door latch forward until it unlatches from door. Pry latch wire up from latch and remove latch. Carrier will be fairly hard to move.

Remove 10mm screw from top of armrest -- it's under a bit of foam.

On rear doors, remove ashtray and backing piece, it hooks in and holds the bottom of the door panel on.

Lift door panel straight up -- there are four or five hooks that fit into slots in the door frame that hold the panel in place.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES pry outward on the door panel, you will break the hooks off and end up getting a new door panel! I found a couple of broken hooks on the passenger door of the TE along with a new door panel sans bottom edge lamp....

You will need to detach the bottom edge lamp wires and speaker wires (front doors) to remove the panel completely

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