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Spongy Brake Pedal and No ABS

Car: 1989 260E

While recently removing and reinstalling my front brake pads, I forgot to uncap the brake fluid reservoir before pushing back the piston on one caliper (front, driver side). Upon discovering this, I immediately unscrewed the cap and continued on my work.

Since then, my normally rock-solid brake pedal has become softer. Braking is otherwise normal, with the pedal maintaining a consistent position and not sinking into the floor or anything. It just requires more foot pressure and travel distance than before.

I assumed this was because of air in the system so I had the fluid bled and flushed today, but the softness persists. I now suspect that the ABS may not be functioning as I cannot get it to engage on hard braking. I did manage to lock the front wheel while pullig into a parking space with a patch of oil, but that "test" is inconclusive.

I read in another thread that it is a common problem for the ABS to lock, and the solution is to drive backwards and slam on the brakes a few times to get the ABS to engage. But I would think that driving in forward would accomplish the same thing -- or is there some special voodoo involved in activating the ABS in reverse?
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