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Lee Scheeler
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Garage queen or trailer queen, using Simple Green or any other ultra-harsh cleaner on your clearcoated wheels will make the car look like trailer TRASH in very short order. I cant even remember how many sets of MB OEM wheels I've seen that have had the finish raped by 409 or Simple Green. Meguirs wheel cleaner or especially P21S are what I would recommend. Please remember that the wheels are clearcoated and painted just like the hood of your car. Please please please don't use anything on the wheels you wouldn't use on the hood of your car on a consistent basis. Also, anything you "wipe" over the finish when the brake dust is embedded on the obviously waxless paint of your wheel will grind that grit right into the paint. Brake pad material will eat down a metal rotor over time, what do you think it will do to the tender paint on the wheels of your car? Washing with something safe(P21S or Meguirs wheel cleaner) is so easy that I can't think why anyone would want to short-cut themselves into a ruined finish on their wheels. One last thing....when your washing your wheels: don't spray the scalding hot brake rotor/caliper with cold water. Doing so can very easily destroy one or both components. The rule of thumb I use is if you can hold your finger on the rotor and caliper, it is cool enough to wash. Doing it right isn't any harder than doing it poorly. Hopefully this will save your car any future abuse....Lee
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