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Old 09-14-2003, 03:07 PM
Tony Gedeon
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Still have the problem

I really appreciate your replies. I recently changed out the tranny with a used Factory Rebuilt that had 5,000 miles on it from Potomac Auto. So the neutral safety switch is basically new. It tested perfect, along with the wire from the switch to the the starter, and I can start the car by jumping the solenoid wire to the main terminal with a screw driver (new starter). So I pulled the steering wheel and the cluster and took out the ignition switch. Contacts were clean and un-burnt and checked OK with the ohm meter. The Haynes manual shows a bunch of stuff hanging off the start system on pages 170 and 171, including a resister, an override switch, and a starter logic relay. I have no idea where this stuff is located, or if the Haynes manual is even accurate. I live at the beach in Florida, so if there is for example a resistor in the loop, and its under the hood, it could be the culprit from corrosion. Any other ideas??
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