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I finally located the tool holding slot for the viscous fan pulley. To illuminate it, I had to shine my shop light from the passenger side of the engine bay, and there was the slot! It is between the 12 and 1 o'clock position with you standing in front of the car. As it turned out, once the slot was "seen", the holding tool was very easy to snake down to the slot without removing anything other than the plastic cover over the SOV ( on the front of the motor).

Incidentally, if anyone attempts to replace the viscous fan on these cars, you will quickly find that there is only about 3 inches between the front of the viscous clutch and the radiator core.....not enough room to get a 3/8 ratchet with allen head socket onto the Allenhead hold down bolt. There was just barely enough room to get the socket alone positioned! And, it takes quite a bit of torque to break the fan bolt loose. The fix? Slip a box end wrench over the hex head of the socket. Hold it in place with a little bit of duck tape. You can then insert the socket into the bolt. I can't recall the box end wrench size...........but, it is small (about 8 - 10 mm). You can then use about an 18 inch cheater pipe over the wrench to get enough torqe to break the bolt lose. Worked like a charm. So much for lazy Sunday afternoons!

Thanks to Jetforman for the emails and encouragement! Once the holding slot was found, it took about two minutes to have the fan out.
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