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Unhappy car rattles

Thanks Peter for your comments. I have found some potential trouble spots for the rattles and looks like some loose wiring/ tubing which could vibrate with the engine's frequency of vibration while it is running and during accelerations. There is a loose bunch of wiring right under the windscreen next to the brake vacuum whatever-youcallit. I have tried to tie this up with one of those nylon strips and some foam. There is one thick wire next to the right front fender near the headlamp's back which could also rattle and this has also been tied up to the chassis. The third one is the thick tubing on the left side next to the ABS which has a large rubber ring around it to absorb vibrations. This ring has gone hard and could also rattle against the chassis. Will try to tie this up soon. Other noises could be some loose screws or washers in the small area where the windscreen washers reside under the rear end of the hood because this was opened by the repair shop to replace broken spray jets when they repainted the hood. Other noises may be in the sunroof, but hope I am wrong as they will be hard to trace and remove.
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