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Originally posted by Gilly
A short answer to your question is that the fiber optics connector is split open and the "other" fiber optics cable is installed in the place of the existing one of matching lens color. If the seperate one, labeled PHONE IN has a red lens, then replace the existing red lens cable, or the white or clear one, if that what the seperate cable is. Simple, right?

Huh? the existing connection at the radio has two clear and one red lens. As I understand it, this feeds to the CD, then to TeleAid and loops back to the radio. The other connector labeled PHONE IN has a single lead with a clear lens. This goes all the way to the hatch and connects to the PSE.
If I discon the existing radio/cd glass and replace the clear with the phone clear, that breaks the loop with the CD...and ther eis no return feed from the hatch.

The problem is of course in the trunk or rear of the car, this has to form a optical loop and come back to the radio.
I did have a diagram all made up of this system, it's quite complex and of course MB expects it to be in a programmed order.
There is some "spare" cable in the trunk also you'll notice. I assume you're installing the voice recognition unit also, I thought there is an unused cable which has to be utilized when the VR is installed also, and one of the cables changes function.

Currently, there is a loop and a single fiber marked PHONE OUT(which tests with light to the front) in the hatch area. There is also a spare assembly labeled SDS...that just loops two red lenses together, not connected to anything. Are you saying I should use this as a splice behind the radio? And how do I take the return back from the PSE to the loop?
I'm not installing VR, so that's not an issue.

Once you get this all figured out, the coding in the radio will also need to be changed using a shop computer (SDS) to make it all work properly.

But the most critical thing is that the fiber optics cable all has to run to the components in the proper order.

And what is the correct order?


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