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I found one D2B connector in the subwoofer compartment (right rear fender well) marked AMP. This is not lit or connected, but has two leads (red/clear).

Under the panel between the rear seat and the spare tire were two more D2B's: one maked PHONE OUT (single clear lead) and the other was markes SDS.

After cutting the tape that harnesses these together, I saw that the SDS labelled glass is separate and not tied in at all. It just loops from one side of the connector to the other.

The single lead (unlit) fiber labelled PHONE OUT is long enough to route around the perimeter of the sub and up to the PSE...and yes, I plugged it in when I installed the assembled bracket.

My Bose amp is located in the coupe's right side wall panel of the rear seat area. I haven't gone there I have to?

I appreciate your help, Gilly...but are there any MBTechs that can shed some light on this (pun intended) ?

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