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Any suggestions on hesitation from standstill?

I posted this in the General Discussion form earlier today instead of here.

My '88 300 SE has had a hesitation problem for about two months now. Once rolling at 20mph or higher it is fine whether at part throttle or heavy acceleration. The idle is fine as well. From a stop, the car acts as if it is flooding out. I just replaced the plugs, rotor, cap and fuel filter, all long overdue but the plugs did not exhibit any fouling appearance. Anyway, none of this changed the hesitation at all. The hesitation is the same whether the a/c is on or off.

I have had this problem since the car came back fom the shop. It was in to top off the a/c and a Lambda adjustment. Could the Lambda adjustment be off and that is causing the problem?

I read a post about it possibly being the ignition coil. Is there a way to test the coil?

Thanks for any suggestions. I'm bringing in the car Wednesday for a NY inspection and I'll have them check the hesitation problem as well. I would just prefer to have an idea before bringing it in.

Thanks all,

Ron Brooks
Ron Brooks
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