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Air intake shouldn't make the difference

Greetings All,

Wish I'd get the same response to my post as the MB reliability post has. That one is to easy to answer for all of us that I didn't even bother. We all bought the three pointed star car for one of two reasons. Either we think it reflects our stature in society compared to others, or we truly love the ride, and for some of us it's both. For me, it's both as well as many others on this list, and the problems they cause us probably aren't any worse if we reasonably look at it compared to any other vehicle. You pay the price either in the beginning or along the way, and if you're mechanically inclined it ends up being a whole lot cheaper. Love both my Benz's because of the ride and ease of maintenance to perform on them, and they are different than the normal can't fix American cars of today. Maintenance issues on the diesel is pretty much, fuel, oil, filters, and an ongoing preventative change out and everything seems fine and the car runs great. The 300E with a gas engine is a different animal in it's own rights and too many things can and will go wrong with electronics under the hood controlling the outcome. I don't personally believe that cleaning the intake plate on the air flow meter will make a difference in how it idles as I've had the entire air cleaner assembly removed from the car and the idle problem still existed. There could be a vacuum leak as well as an injector or two that has gone bad and I can see the possibility of it leaking down into the cylinder during idle. Great post on that one pmckechnie as it could possibly be just that. Of course the only way to find out for sure is to change out all the injectors and see what happens. I believe you can clean them to some extent, but as many have already mentioned, this is only a temp fix and doesn't cure the problem on a consistant basis. I think we're dealing with worn parts more so than just dirty parts. Trust me, Techron isn't the miracle drug for sick injectors unless it was actually used undiluted and directly into the injectors as a cleaning agent an not as an additive to 10 gallons of fuel. If in doubt try this experiment. Take a jar or bowl and spray carb cleaner into it so it completely covers the bottom of the bowl, and do the same with techron cleaner. Enter a dirty fuel plate or other gummed up fuel related item to the bowls. Watch what happens to the gummed up area of each. Carb cleaner did the best job, didn't it? Now dilute the same amout of cleaner into 10 parts of fuel and look at the results. Not a big change in cleaning action is there? Why, you might ask. Easy to answer, carb cleaner is a direct contact cleaner with no additional fluids to distract the cleaning action, and Techron, even as a concentrate is meant to be a routine added cleaner, not a fix to when the problem has gotten to the crud stage inside the injector.
Just my observation from past experience.

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