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m104 - oil in sparkplug well

i changed my sparkplugs today and found that plug# 6 all the way in the back had oil in the plug well. i could see that it was leaking at the valve cover gasket. having no other options i snugged down the nuts that held the valve cover down at that end. i don't really think that would do the trick so i think i will need to replace the gasket at some point. is there a procedure outlined in the manual on how to install the gasket and tighten the nuts?

my other question to this is whether this could be in some way related to my misfiring problems that i have had a couple of times in the past when i had not used the car for about a week. once cylinder would not fire right away but would eventually do so after a few seconds. i ascribed that to a collapsing lifter but since it has now happened only 3 times (all after sitting for a week), i wonder if it was just the coil's plug boot getting soaked in the oil. that boot was replaced as i had taken this opportunity to replace all the coil plug boots and it seemed to start and run better over all.
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