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What a coincidence, I'm fixing to do my r129 evap as well. oh by the way, this is Anthony from San Marcos, you do remember, right? Anyway, the reason for this unexpected leak on the 124's 140's and 129's is the aluminum/copper connection of the evaporator. Due to it's different expansion rate when temps go up or down, the "epoxy'd " connection weakens and whalla, leaks like a m^&*((*(&^%$r. We have the tube and fin design. As you can see on most internet parts stores, the behr is the identical one as our MBZ branded evap. To me, it is kinda stupid to put the same evap with the same design flaw. I would put in an all copper tubing to prevent doing this twice. Now the only thing we have to do is find one. MBZ of Austin qouted me $1400 in labor only. Ben's @2900 p/l German autocenter, 2300 p/l
They also recommended to change heater core, vacuum servos, rcvr/dryr, and exp valve which are not part of the qouted prices.


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