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if it was that easy to start it,,sigh,,
I did try for three days,,
tomorrow is day 4,,
thought it will dry out,,
but then when battery did get empty and then when I can't even get it to turn on P and have to have N to even get it to turn !?
I have opened up box with fuses, taken sparplugs out and cleaned them and made sure they are dry,,tested for spark, spark is strong,,
sparkplugs are almost new,,
battery makes engine turn and turn and turn,,
but the final turn to make it start doesnt come,,

it is a pain since nearest town where I can find a MB workshop will be more than 50 km away,,have to tow it that far,,
and car is so low so I cant get the jack in under neath it at the front,,
thought of getting undeneath it and look if there is something under engine that connects to trans that might have got a sprinkle from the waterblaster,,
I looked at your previous post but there was no replies ?!
did you get mail replies ??

* I once used to live in europe in a big city and now on the other side of the world and only cows and sheep as neighbours**
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