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Talking water blaster havoc on Benzs

MB300ENZ, no one replied to my post as none of the US or UK readers knew what I was talking about. Obviously they don't know we have to use this now due to stage 2 water restrictions. However this product came from EU countries where they are more used for cleaning driveways, boats and caravans and trucks, maybe not cars which are more easily accessable due to their lower heights. I have a feeling also that the air supply has been affected by the high powered air and water spray which may have got into the air filter and inlet valves and shot the motor temporarily. Everything else connected to the engine is and will be closed if I am not wrong. Correct??? Its really the very fine water vapour or mist which is likely to have been sprayed into the airfilter opening as the engine bay is not big and is almost fully enclosed so the mist had to go somewhere right? Where else except down the open bottom, but mine has the plastic tray under. Geez I think I am right so next time we should all try to find the airfilter's open nozzle and close it before using the water blaster!!!
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