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94/s420 checkengine lite on

i have a 94 s/420 my check engine lite came on rigth after i put gasin the car and stayed on 4,,day so i tryed disconnecting the battery 4,, 60,sceond,s and liye went out idrove the car 4,,about 2day,s with out the lite coming on as soon as i made a trip to the gas staion,, and half way fill the car up ,,and trun the car back on the pop,,,rigth back on ,,,could this mean that i have,,ei,,abad fuel pressure.swicth or some other part relayed to the fuel systm,,,i check inside of my car thru, the auto ,,climate contol iheld down the buttom,s 4,about 25,sec,, and it flash on the r/side 28.f and the l/side 1/3/16, can any one tell what are these code,s thank,s 4,, any help that i can get,, mel dwyer 94/s420
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