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Thanks for your reply. My 87 300E did start out in second; but, I assumed that the 190E would start out in first since there is so little torque available from the four cylinder.

Assuming you are corrrect, in that the trans should start out in second, there are two questions:

1. When the car starts out in 2nd, acceleration is a lot slower than I am used to seeing in this car. Perhaps there is another reason for the loss in power (I assumed that it was due to starting out in the higher gear). Perhaps you could comment on that.

2. If the normal mode is to start out in 2nd gear, then something has changed that forces the car to abruptly downshift into first. This condition just started happening over the last month. Could that be a transmission issue or perhaps a linkage problem? If it could be a linkage problem, what should I look for?

Except for the 1-2 shift phenomina, the trans seems to work fine.

Any help would be appreciated. Incidentally, I did do a search and most of the problems in the archives were around the B2 valve issue.
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