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With the concours out of the way now I have time to report the outcome of the valve cover problem. I decided to stay with my cover which I bead blasted and repainted with engine enamel (along with the air filter cover). The oil separator the dealer got in for me did not fit my valve cover. It was a metal one for earlier M102 engines. The plastic oil separator in my valve cover is considered part of the valve cover and is not available as a separate part. I therefore got busy and fabricated my own copy from sheet steel. It seems to work fine and at least it won't crack like the plastic one. As for the warped valve cover, I refitted it with a new gasket and black gasket silicone in the groove to hopefully take up any gap. So far so good.

While the valve cover was off, I fitted 8 new hydraulic valve lifters (lash compensators) which were inexpensive. This was the easy part of the whole job and silenced the previously intermittent ticking during warm-up.

I also fitted a new radiator as it had been leaking since replacing the leaking coolant expansion reservoir. Unfortunately, this has highlighted the leak at the heater control valve which I will now have to replace. I chose to fit an after-market radiator for an auto transmission 190E since at around $350 AUD it was much less expensive than the $900 plus for an OEM radiator for my manual transmission 190E. No after-market radiators were available here in a manual version. The only difference of course, is the transmission cooler connections on the auto version. I capped these purely for appearance sake.

All this delayed my concours preparation so come last Sunday, the 190E was not as clean as I would have liked, although I still entered it (and the 300TE) for judging. Fortunately, the 300TE was fairly well prepared and ended up taking a class win in what turned out to be the biggest class on the day with some other very well prepared cars. Both of ours were in the same class anyway with the class including all W201 and W124 in addition to pre 1996 R129, W140 and W202. All the hard work paid off and the 190E is getting closer to being fault free.
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