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Ok, throttle actuator was replaced, and the car ran great for the first day and today, the third day.

The second day, I took a trip (350 miles) and the idle was too high. The cruise control did not work on the trip, and the car idled between 1300-1800 in Park, and 900-1000 in Drive. I hit some traffic along the way, and I had to constantly have my foot on the brake; the car just wanted to move, as if the throttle was stuck open. If I took my foot off the brake, the RPMs would increase slowly as the car picked up speed (this is with my foot off the accelerator). Without touching the brake or the accelerator, the car would go about 10-15 miles an hour on level ground. And since it was raining, I can't help but link the wet weather to the car's quirky behavior.

Is there any other device that would cause the cruise control not to work (besides the fuse, which was ok)? This is my main concern, because I thought that the cruise control was linked directly to the throttle actuator.

Could the throttle actuator be defective?? Maybe the Mass Air Meter is bad? Could the wet weather cause some kind of malfunction in the electronics? What about the computer (is it called the ECU?), could it be defective?

I appreciate the help.

1994 E320 158k
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