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Idle ghost

Hello everyone. This is my first post on this site. My question is this....
I own a 1986 300 E with 180,000 km on it.When i start the car it fires up ok then soon as it warms up it fluctuates fron 500-2000 rpm.
Soon as it does this if I remove the OVP when its running the rpm go to 500 and the ghost goes away.But when the car cools down I have to replace the OVP in order to start it.
With this way I still have all the power but It was becoming a hasle to get in and out of the car to do this so for now I ran two wires with a switch inside the car with an inline fuse conected where the fuse for the OVP is and drive it like that.
I know this is a temporary fix and i searched the threads but I cannot figure out how to solve this issue.

Thanks in advance for all the help.

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