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I realize you'd probably point that out to me, that's all fine, but HOW to explain a fiber optics cable in the rear (where the amp is supposed to be) labelled "amp"? Unless for some odd reason they assemble the coupe differently, yet put in some inappropriate cables that are only used on the C Class sedan? Doesn't make sense does it. But maybe that's it.

I'm trying to HELP you here, it would be nice if you were a teeny bit less sarcastic about this. Unless someone else steps forward to help (which I actually hope happens), then you can tell me to go to hell. They have alot of components on this fiber optics ring and it's difficult to remember all the specifics. What would have been best is to get a copy of the installation guide from a dealership before starting the project, but even there they are very slim in ring configuration info, it's something I guess MB expects you to just "know".
Well, hopefully I'll get a fax today which may help me describe how to put this all together.

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