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I'm going to try out my old memory. If I forget something, someone chime in.

Remove the chrome piece at the door latch area (2 screws)
Remove the door lock button (manual button ) it just unscrews.
Pry out the little cover under the inside door handle.
Remove the screw holding the metle piece under the inside door handle.
Slide this piece down the armrest upper mounting area and remove the big screw you will see under it. It holds the upper part of the arm rest.
Remove 2 screws holding the lower part of the arm rest. Big screws up under the arm rest.
At the upper left of the pannel, a small piece of trim runs from the door pannel to the top of the window and is held on by 3 small screws coming in from window frame. Remove these screws and make note that the top one is slightly shorter then the other 2. It must go back in the top.
At this point, you should be able to move the panel UP about an inch or so to "unhook" it from the door.
Inside the door panel, unhook the light in the very bottom of the door panel, the lighter/ashtray wiring, and the window switch.
Remove carefully the plastic vapor shield for reuse.

Be very careful working inside the door as there are sharp edges and big window reguator arms that can hurt you very badly (don't ask how I know)

You should be able to see the problem.

If I missed something, I'm sorry. Let us know how it goes and if you have any problems with it maybe we can help.
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