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Re: Re: Fuel distributor replaced and no change

[QUOTE]Originally posted by cc260E
Originally posted by Cap'n Carageous
I found used distributor on an engine a local tech had swapped out because the owner ran it hot.

Hello Cap'n Carageous

I will need to dismount one of these days the distributor on my 260E 1988, 370K km, and never did it before.
Have you taken any photo from the distributor top face and bottom face?

Pictures of these expensive parts are soo helpfull before opening everything that I would appreciate to see it before starting.

Help is appreciated.
I had images but they got lost when my hard drive crashed. My advise to anyone except a trained tech would be to stay out of there! The inside of the distributor is full of parts that have to be precisely aligned and calibrated. I could not find a source for parts either. There are some good pics in several of my threads about fuel distributors. A quick search will yield some pretty good results. Good luck!!
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