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Will the whole unit split and leak coolant? Even if mine is cracked shouldn't it still work or is it something inside that cracks?
The little water pump is not getting electricity when trying to use the heat. When should it get electricity? Would the servo switch on the electricity to it or would the push-button unit do it?
A few weeks ago I pulled out a CD player to look at the CD wires. When I did that, I pulled out the push-button unit because it was party pushed into the dash. Could I have left something unplugged that might have let everything work but the heat? All the functions do work, such as when defrost is on it blows only at side vents and windshield, while at the same time the compressor is turning.
Sometimes when I switch the climate control off it will take maybe 4 or 5 seconds to stop blowing our air. Their was also one time during the summer that it wouldn't shut off. As in that it kept blowing out air at the vents.

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