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vacum probs MB560SEC -88

Hi all..

first thanks for all the help one get on this site...

im not that good in writing english but will try to explain my problem..

I have an 560SEC-88 and one day this summer the big fuse for the climat controll did melt... so almost all vacumlines that are close to the fuse (just beside the fusebox under the hood) did melt... I had to get new "back valves"...the yellow ones and repair the vacum lines... but my prob is that I dont know what order they should connect.... nothing thats on vacum work as it should... not the centrallock, the lock for seats, the seat, the light adjust, the fan-air valves, nothing.... if i use a vacumpump and try the lines all exept one seams to be ok... they "hold" the vacum....

any ideas???

-88 560SEC
-77 280SE
-71 Mercury Cougar Convertible
-84 GMC Pickup
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