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Thumbs up K-Jetronic Fuel Injection System Overview

Here's a good educational resource I found this morning on the K Jetronic system.

This British company has a technical CD ebook for sale with this and a lot of other information on it. Here's a complete list:

They also sell some 2-pin break-out leads for multimeters and oscilloscopes. I'm not sure of the usefulness for the typical DIY'er - maybe one of the more technical types here can comment on that. Here's the link to that:

and a list of the uses for the multimeter leads:

"Typical applications are: multi-point injectors, some Lucas / Rover spi injectors, crankshaft position sensors (inductive), camshaft position sensors (inductive), coolant temperature sensors, knock sensors, some Vauxhall ignition coils, some Austin Rover ignition amplifiers, pulse air solenoid valves, Bosch K-Jetronic thermo-timer switches, cold start injectors and warm up regulators, to name but a few."

They also have a discussion board available, though it doesn't look like it's used a lot. Could be useful, though.

Hopefully, this will help those of us who think that fuel injection is just a bunch of black magic

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