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Question New "used" car many ??s


1998 E320. Love the car.

Problems or questions I have thus far....

(Besides my husband trying to fix the rear window as we speak......)

1. Sun roof used to go back only with remote operating it open, now won't open at all.

2. Red background Engine light came on, then went off once restarted agian, repeated it's self occassionally for a week,
anything I should look for??

3. Bought the car used from Texas, it was originally from FL.
the starter will not turn over consitantly with turn of key, sometimes it takes 20 turns before it starts the starter, sometimes it takes once... I can drive it, turn it off for less than 5 min, and it will behave the same way?

4. How do you regulate the AC/Heat to work for the rear of the car.

Anybody that can answer anyone of my questions, let me know! THANKS!
Thanks for taking the time to help. Lori

1998 E320
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