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george: you hit it right on the head. up down up down put it in gear stops after it warms up doesn't do it again till it's sat overnight.

guys what is taking place is on a cold start the engine starts right up no problem then proceeds to this rpm up down thing. the symptoms are... the rpm sits at idle for a moment then rapidly raises to 2000 rpm then suddenly drops back to idle of appx 700 rpm. then rises again to 2000 then drops back. it keeps doing this until i put it in gear. i've never let it run out to see if it will quit on it's own but george has and he says it quits in about 2 minutes.

so the really strange fact is if it was just extra gas being dumped the engine would cough and stutter with black smoke but it does not. it's just as if someone is pushing on the gas pedal then letting up and repeating this over and over.

so something is changing up and down. if somebody out there has a idea please throw it our way. at least 2 of us are experiencing the same thing.
Thanks Much!

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