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Talking Benz fire exting. and firstaid boxes

I don't have the fire ext. in my C180, but I do have the first aid box. How long does the medical stuff last in the rear shelf exposed to the very hot and direct Summer sun? Mine looks like they are originals, so at least 8 years old! Can I get replacements or should I buy the aftermarket stuff in the stores which do not look so comprehensive? Saw they cost about A$25. Wonder if it will fit into the small space.....will have to do a measure first. How about the fire extinguishers? Will they have such a long unused life in the car? The direct sun is only for about an hour each day in Summer, but the heat in the car can reach 50+ Celcius for hours. I do have the home fire extinguisher which is A$39 at the stores, will these be recommended?
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