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Great idea DanielG! I've found the age and occupation answers to be a fascinating insight to the people on this forum, and this is a great geography lesson too.

As my sig shows, I'm in New Zealand, a small country of 3.5 million that sits below and off to the side of Australia, but is not part of it.

As many people might know we produced Lord Of The Rings, the world beating All Black rugby team. Lord Rutherford (who split the atom) was born here, a local farmer built the Pearce aircraft which is thought to be the first powered flight about a year before the Wright Bros - but was not documented and so is in some doubt - and we're home to the rare Kiwi, a flightless bird native only to us.

Wellington is the capital city with a population of around 900,000, and we're a very hospitable bunch of people of mainly English descent. The city is very similar to San Francisco in geography (without the bridge, and much smaller), as it bounds an attractive harbor.

My wife and I live in an area at the top of the hills, at 995ft above sea level according to my trusty GPS, and have magnificent panoramic views sweeping the harbor. The view is the thing that keeps us here, rather than go up the coast where the climate is warmer.

I've attached a photo taken from our lounge. The main city is out of picture off to the right. Unfortunately I couldn't include the SL in the view.

But to keep everything sort of on topic - I love living on a high hill because it lessens the wear on my SL engine when it is cold at the start of a trip. At the end of a run of course it's warm and can take the climb with no trouble.

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