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The only thing that can make the engine rev up is more air, so I still thing you need to take a look at the idle air system. I've seen big steel ball bearings stuck in the blowby hose to cut the idle back!

Places to look:

Seals between the intake manifold halves (there are 8). Spray some carb cleaner down there, if the idle speed changes, take the manifold off and re-seal it.

Seals at injectors.

Manifold gaskets.

Y-shaped idle air hose from idle valve to manifold. A crack here can give you fits.

Other thoughts:

Is the mechanical advance working properly, and is the timing set correctly? A broken spring on the mechanical advance can make the idle surge. So will a bad vac retard diaphram or hose.

Fuel pressure fluctations from a bad damper or pressure regulator. A bad pump or relay will cause the car to quit, I think.

Good luck!

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