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Lovin the Responses

Greetings All,

Thanks, for all the responses thus far. The more knowledge about particular problems and failed part replacement attempts will get this problem narrowed down to a select few items yet.
Phalcon, I appreciate your introduction of the fuel / air system, which helped me a lot understand the internal working, first of all of the injector. Now that I know for sure that it is spring loaded, it goes without saying that it can and will fail to constant use. That's a plus in our favor.
Paul, I'm not quite sure what you meant in your last post but I'm just assuming that either the injector change made a difference in your idle, or it didn't affect it at all. Can you clarify? Did you change them all or just the suspect one? I would also be one to think that if I needed to change one injector, then all of them being of the same age of 17 years old, they would all require replacement, just as a preventative measure. If the internal needle vibrates to atomize the fuel, then I'd have to imagine the wear over a period of 185,000 miles and 17 years has to have some effect on metal and rubber.

Keep the info coming, I'm taking notes.

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