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Unhappy sunroof not closing to true level

Anthonyb, What I am more worried about is that small amount of water which manages to seep into the space and is not enough to wash down whatever drainage gutter there is and this will form a damp spot somewhere inside the roof to promote rusting. I had this Honda Quintet overseas(very small Asian country surrounded by salt water) which started to rust after 12 months from new and the dealer and everybody else didn't want to have anything to do with it. I just was too young and poor to proceed to the courts there. The whole sunroof started rusting and even the doors and the front headlight surrounds. They completely ignored me since they already made their profit! I regret not taking them to court or burning down their whole showroom, but then they would say thank you for giving them a new one for free from the insurance company. The Honda soleagent there really sucks. Thats how they became multimillionaires! :p Hondas are made from recycled tincans, baby milk tincans and rusted old steel dustbins.
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